Madame de...

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  • Max Ophüls (1953)
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  • 95 min
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4 out of 5

Although Max Ophüls's penultimate film was Oscar-nominated for its costumes, it really should have brought him a direction award, as he sends his camera on a series of gliding shots around the luxurious haunts of the idle rich, revealing their every secret and laying bare their empty souls. Danielle Darrieux is the unnamed noblewoman of the title, whose precious earrings, which she has already sold, return to her via husband Charles Boyer's mistress and her own lover, Vittorio de Sica. The script is witty, the performances beyond sophistication. Deliciously blending Sacha Guitry's The Pearls of the Crown and Ophüls's own La Ronde, this is just about as polished as European cinema gets.

Plot Summary

Drama starring Danielle Darrieux and Charles Boyer. When a countess sells the valuable earrings which were a wedding gift from her husband, she sets off a chain of events that have tragic consequences.

Cast and crew


Countess Louise De...
Danielle Darrieux
General André De...
Charles Boyer
Baron Fabrizio Donati
Vittorio De Sica
Madame De...'s nurse
Mireille Perrey
Monsieur Rémy, the jeweller
Jean Debucourt
Jérome, his son
Serge Lecointe
Lola, the general's mistress
Lia Di Léo
Monsieur De Bernac
Jean Galland
Henri De Maleville
Hubert Noël
Theatre manager
Léon Walther


Max Ophüls

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French +subtitles
Black and White
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Released 15 Feb 2013
Certificate U