Madame Sin

Madame Sin

David Greene (1972)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Made for television originally, but released theatrically over here, this cramped-looking melodrama offers a splendid character part to Bette Davis, who falls upon the script with relish and loses no opportunity to chew all the scenery in sight. Co-star Robert Wagner has little to do but observe this awesome spectacle, while director David Greene has the good sense to stand well back and let Davis queen it over a batch of English worthies (Denholm Elliott, Gordon Jackson, Roy Kinnear). The plot, by the way, is some tortuous spy stuff about flogging off a Polaris submarine.


A master criminal resolves to rule the world, and enlists a former CIA agent to help steal a nuclear submarine as part of her nefarious scheme. Spy thriller, starring Bette Davis, Robert Wagner, Denholm Elliott and Gordon Jackson.

Cast & Crew

Madame Sin Bette Davis
Tony Lawrence Robert Wagner
Malcolm Denholm Elliott
Commander Teddy Cavandish Gordon Jackson
Monk Dudley Sutton
Barbara Catherine Schell
Connors Paul Maxwell
Holidaymaker Roy Kinnear
Braden David Healy
Director David Greene
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video