A Ticket to Tomahawk

A Ticket to Tomahawk

Richard Sale (1950)

U Certificate


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Western spoofs were rare in the earnest early 1950s, but this colourful 20th Century-Fox romp sends up the old "stagecoach versus incoming railroad" plot to grand effect, helped by a witty screenplay by director Richard Sale and his then wife, the novelist and playwright Mary Loos, and superb Technicolor photography from Harry Jackson. Amiable Dan Dailey is the travelling salesman who teams up with sharp-shootin' Anne Baxter, while slimy Rory Calhoun uses every means he can to stop the railroad from gettin' through to Colorado, including Indians, bandits and dancers. Speaking of which, look closely at the actress on Dan Dailey's right-hand side in the production number: that's Marilyn Monroe, and, once spotted, you can't keep your eyes off her. Neither could agent Johnny Hyde, and he got Monroe her next film, The Asphalt Jungle - the climb to stardom had begun.


The daughter of a railway pioneer sets out to prove her trains can beat a rival's stagecoaches to the same destination. However, the competition is marred by a campaign of dirty tricks, and the locomotive passengers - a travelling salesman and a chorus of showgirls - get dragged into the conflict. Comedy Western, starring Dan Dailey, Anne Baxter, Arthur Hunnicutt and Walter Brennan.

Cast & Crew

Johnny Behind-the-Deuces Dan Dailey
Kit Dodge Jr Anne Baxter
Dakota Rory Calhoun
Terence Sweeney Walter Brennan
Chuckity Charles Kemper
Madame Adelaide Connie Gilchrist
Sad Eyes Arthur Hunnicutt
US Marshal Dodge Will Wright
Clara Marilyn Monroe
Fargo Jack Elam
Director Richard Sale
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
Drama Comedy