Laat Saab

Laat Saab

Sunil Agnihotri (1992)

PG Certificate


A man receives a message from his fiancee saying she has gone to see her sickly father in Bombay. Deciding to go and meet her there, he finds the old man fit and healthy but claiming his daughter has been dead for years. With the help of a police inspector, he tracks her down, only for the mystery to grow as she denies knowing him. Thriller, with Jackie Shroff and Neelam.

Cast & Crew

Vijay A Rai Jackie Shroff
Anju/Mona Neelam
Ajay Kumar Rai Saeed Jaffrey
CBI Inspector Jayant Mathur/Amar Mohsin Khan
Dinanath/D'Mello AK Hangal
Gopal Rami Reddy
Mastan Baba/Mastan Langda/Inspector NA Ansari Ishrat Ali
Sarita A Rai Sushma Seth
Director Sunil Agnihotri
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