Open All Night

Open All Night

George Pearson (1934)

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An unusually ambitious little British "quota quickie", this gives Frank Vosper the kind of role associated with the German silent film tragedian Emil Jannings. As an elderly former Russian Grand Duke reduced to being night manager of a hotel, Vosper is given notice rather than the promotion he expected. Adding a dash of Grand Hotel melodrama, he sorts out some of the guests' problems on his final night. Scripted by Gerard Fairlie from a play by John Chancellor, this is one of the better late works of pioneer director George Pearson.


Anton (Frank Vosper) is an exiled Russian grand-duke but works as a night manager in an hotel with tragic consequences. Stars Leslie Perrins.

Cast & Crew

Anton Frank Vosper
Elsie Warren Margaret Vines
Maysie Gillian Lind
Bill Warren Lewis Shaw
Ranger Leslie Perrins
Director George Pearson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Radio Pictures Ltd