When You Come Home

When You Come Home

John Baxter (1947)

U Certificate


Our Score
Director John Baxter, once Britain's most uncompromising disciple of social realism, hit his cinematic nadir with this desperate flashback comedy. Rarely able to project his popular music-hall persona into movies, Frank Randle comes across as a colossal bore in this nostalgic wallow as he regales his granddaughter with tall tales from his chequered past. Adding to the torment are the songs, co-composed by Randle's co-stars, the two Leslies, Sarony and Holmes. For fans and movie masochists only.


Comedy. A Grandad (Frank Randle) recounts to his granddaughter his life as a music hall odd job man. Directed by John Baxter.

Cast & Crew

Frank Randle Frank Randle
First songwriter Leslie Sarony
Second songwriter Leslie Holmes
Paula Ryngelbaum Diana Decker
Mike O'Flaherty Fred Conyngham
Soloist Linda Parker
Dr Dormer Franklyn Jack Melford
Director John Baxter
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Butchers Film Service Ltd