The Hunter

  • 15
  • Rafi Pitts (2010)
  • Iran / Ger (SUB)
  • 88 min
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3 out of 5

This sobering insight into life under Iran's Ahmadinejad regime calls to mind the violent protests that occurred during the country's 2009 elections, although the film's writer, director and star Rafi Pitts has denied they influenced his work. Distraught at the shooting of his wife and young daughter during a political demonstration, working man and ex-con Ali (Pitts) exacts random revenge on a passing police car outside Tehran. However, he then becomes the victim of a relentless manhunt in a nearby forest. Switching confidently from sombre neorealism to something akin to the art house style perfected by Joseph Losey in Figures in a Landscape (1970), Pitts ably conveys the bleakness of daily life and the accompanying mistrust of authority. But the conclusion to the showdown between Ali and the two cops hot on his trail is perhaps a touch too ironic, given the precision and restraint of the courageously critical action that precedes it.

Plot Summary

An Iranian security guard blames the authorities when his family goes missing, seemingly killed during a clash between police and protestors. He vents his anger by killing two random cops with a hunting rifle, then flees the city, taking refuge in a nearby forest, with two more officers on his trail. Thriller, directed by and starring Rafi Pitts. With Mitra Hajjar. In Persian.

Cast and crew


Ali Alavi
Rafi Pitts
Sara Alavi, Ali's wife
Mitra Hajjar
Officer Nazem
Ali Nicksaulat
Hassan Ghalenoi
Manoochehr Rahimi
Young man in warehouse
Ismail Amini
Old night guard
Nasser Madahi
Young night guard
Ali Mazinani
Ali's father
Ossta Shah-Tir
Ali's mother
Malak Khazai
Ali's daughter
Saba Yaghoobi


Rafi Pitts

Other Information

Farsi +subtitles
Theatrical distributor: 
Artificial Eye
Available on DVD
Released 29 Oct 2010
Certificate 15
Artificial Eye Film Co. Ltd