Merrill's Marauders

Merrill's Marauders

Samuel Fuller (1962)

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Grey-haired Jeff Chandler never made it to the top rung of Hollywood stardom, and this, his last and finest movie before his premature death from blood poisoning at the age of 42, makes us wonder why. As Brigadier General Frank Merrill, he's a vivid and boisterous leader of a top US Army unit in Second World War Burma. What marks it out from other battle movies is William Clothier's dramatic photography and director Samuel Fuller's understanding of soldiers in action. Fuller knows that war is hell but that the heat of action can strengthen character.


A crack US unit pressed from all sides by the Japanese in Burma's steaming jungles is sent on a series of dangerous missions, including an attempt to seize control of an enemy rail yard. Samuel Fuller's Second World War adventure based on a famous real-life regiment, starring Jeff Chandler, Ty Hardin, Peter Brown, Claude Akins, John Hoyt and Andrew Duggan.

Cast & Crew

Brig Gen Frank Merrill Jeff Chandler
Lieutenant Lee Stockton Ty Hardin
Bullseye Peter Brown
Major "Doc" Nemeny Andrew Duggan
Chowhound Will Hutchins
Sergeant Kolowicz Claude Akins
Burmese girl Luz Valdez
General Stilwell John Hoyt
Muley Charles Briggs
Lt Col Bannister Vaughan Wilson
Taggy Pancho Magolona
Medic Jack C Williams
Corporal Doskis Chuck Hicks
Director Samuel Fuller
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