A Grandpa for Christmas

  • Harvey Frost (2007)
  • US
  • 85 min
A Grandpa for Christmas
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2 out of 5

Ernest Borgnine brings warmth and spirit to a simple tale of family values in this uplifting festive drama. He plays a retired actor who has to care for a granddaughter he didn't know existed after his estranged daughter is hospitalised. Ghosts are laid to rest and songs shared as grandpa soon wins over the antagonistic youngster with the assistance of his veteran showbiz pals. There's plenty of tugging of the heartstrings and few surprises, yet despite its saccharine predictability the feature has a wholesome charm that's hard to resist. Borgnine and his fellow oldies are gently endearing, making the obligatory life lessons easier to digest.

Plot Summary

Seasonal comedy drama starring Ernest Borgnine as ageing actor Bert O'Riley, who is put in the awkward position of having to take care of the granddaughter he never knew he had after his estranged daughter falls into a coma.

Cast and crew


Bert O'Riley
Ernest Borgnine
Becca O'Riley
Juliette Goglia
Katherine Helmond
Karl Sugerman
Richard Libertini
Marie O'Riley
Tracy Nelson
Jamie Farr


Harvey Frost

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