One Million Years BC

One Million Years BC

Don Chaffey (1966)

A Certificate


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Raquel Welch wears a furry bikini and roams the wilderness in this Jurassic lark. Welch has a stunning physique but no dialogue, merely some grunts and a furrowed brow, which is fine as she's not called upon to communicate much beyond fear or desire. Made by Hammer, it's an absolute hoot, as it follows the war between the Rock People and the Shell People, and throws in some wobbly prehistoric monsters, courtesy of effects maestro Ray Harryhausen. It should have co-starred Kenneth Williams and been called Carry On Caveman. Hokum it may be, but Welch in her prehistoric swimwear remains an iconic image of 1960s cinema.


A caveman falls for a woman from a rival clan, forcing the lovers to flee from their villages to escape the anger of the tribal chieftains - and survive attacks by man-eating dinosaurs and the dangers of sporadic earthquakes. Hammer-produced prehistoric adventure, starring Raquel Welch, John Richardson, Robert Brown and Percy Herbert, with special effects by Ray Harryhausen.

Cast & Crew

Loana Raquel Welch
Tumak John Richardson
Sakana Percy Herbert
Akhoba Robert Brown
Nupondi Martine Beswick
Ahot Jean Wladon
Sura Lisa Thomas
Tohana Malya Nappi
Young Rock Man Richard James
Payto William Lyon Brown
Director Don Chaffey
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