Rogue's Yarn

Rogue's Yarn

Vernon Sewell (1956)

A Certificate


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When Derek Bond is persuaded by his mistress, Nicole Maurey, to murder his rich invalid wife, he concocts a seemingly waterproof alibi by appearing to be in charge of his yacht on a Channel crossing at the time of her demise. But the scheme proves full of holes under the close inspection of Elwyn Brook-Jones's Scotland Yard inspector. Co-written and directed by Vernon Sewell, a keen sailor in his spare time, it was a watchable enough thriller in its day, but even then it had a long delay obtaining a release. The film was partly shot on location at Shoreham and Le Havre.


An adulterous husband plans to kill his wife, thinking he has the perfect alibi - but a wily detective sees through his plan. Crime drama, starring Nicole Maurey and Derek Bond.

Cast & Crew

Michele Carter Nicole Maurey
John Marsden Derek Bond
Insp Walker Elwyn Brook-Jones
Sgt Adams Hugh Latimer
Insp Lefarge John Serret
Director Vernon Sewell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Cresswell Prods