Pen Tennyson (1940)

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A convoy of ships, led by captain Clive Brook, is intercepted in the North Sea by a German battleship. Its firepower destroys Brook's cruiser and kills the first officer (John Clements), who had been the lover of the skipper's wife. A taut, realistic and emotionally involving British flag-waver, well directed by the highly regarded Pen Tennyson, tragically killed in 1941 before he could fulfil his potential. Among the large supporting cast you can spot Michael Wilding, John Laurie and Stewart Granger; on the distaff side, there's Judy Campbell and Penelope Dudley Ward.


The captain of a cruiser leading a British flotilla across the North Sea engages a German battleship in a valiant attempt to save the rest of his convoy. Second World War drama, starring Clive Brook, John Clements, Edward Chapman and Judy Campbell.

Cast & Crew

Captain Armitage Clive Brook
Lieutenant Crawford John Clements
Captain Eckersley Edward Chapman
Lucy Armitage Judy Campbell
Mr Mathews Edward Rigby
Shorty Howard Charles Williams (1)
Commander Blount Allan Jeayes
Captain Sandeman David Hutchenson
Bates George Carney
Knowles Al Millen
Walker Charles Farrell (2)
Gates John Laurie
Minesweeper skipper Hay Petrie
Sutton Stewart Granger
Dot Michael Wilding
Mabel Penelope Dudley Ward
Director Pen Tennyson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video