Riders of Destiny

Riders of Destiny

Robert N Bradbury (1933)

U Certificate


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Historically important, and prophetically titled, this is the first of a dozen or so B-westerns made by John Wayne for Monogram Pictures under producer Paul Malvern's Lone Star trademark, before Wayne was rescued and steered towards stardom by John Ford and Stagecoach. Here Wayne plays "Singin' Sandy", a government agent sent a-hunting villains, who (are you ready for this?) sings as he guns them down. The villain of the piece is played by stuntman Yakima Canutt, and this is a movie where, to establish the character's black heart, he actually kicks a dog on his entrance. This style of baddie was therefore known as a "dog heavy", and was a popular cliché in westerns for many years - watch the dog slink away from Jack Palance in Shane. The fights between Canutt and Wayne are particularly well staged, but elsewhere the paucity of the $10,000 budget is much in evidence. Fascinating to view today but, unfortunately, not terribly good.


A crooked land baron controls the water supply of a town, and plans to force the local ranchers to sell him their land at a ludicrous price. A singing government agent travelling incognito discovers what he is up to, and comes up with a plan to help the farmers keep their land. Western, starring John Wayne and Cecilia Parker.

Cast & Crew

Singin' Sandy Saunders John Wayne
Fay Denton Cecilia Parker
Sheriff Denton George "Gabby" Hayes
Kincaid Forrest Taylor
Sheriff Lafe McKee
Farm woman Fern Emmett
TBC Yakima Canutt
Director Robert N Bradbury
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD