Gabrielle Beaumont (2013)



Adaptation of Jilly Cooper's racy novel about love, lust and rivalry in the ritzy world of international showjumping. Michael Praed and Marcus Gilbert star as the riders who have been bitter enemies since childhood, and are now competing for women and the chance to become champions of the equestrian world. With Stephanie Beacham, Anthony Valentine and Caroline Harker.

Cast & Crew

Rupert Campbell-Black Marcus Gilbert
Jake Lovell Michael Praed
Molly Carter Stephanie Beacham
Col Carter Anthony Valentine
Tory Lovell Caroline Harker
Helen Arabella Tjye
Malise Gordon John Standing
Janey Henderson Serena Gordon
Fenella Maxwell Sienna Guillory
Lavina Greenslade Belinda Mayne
Director Gabrielle Beaumont
Dramatised By Charlotte Bingham
Dramatised By Terence Brady
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