When London Sleeps

When London Sleeps

Leslie S Hiscott (1932)

PG Certificate


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Well, it probably didn't take the city's residents long to nod off when they were watching this creaky old British thriller. The workhorse of Twickenham Studios, Leslie Hiscott is often cited as the director who brought "quota quickies" into disrepute. The seventh of the ten films he churned out in 1932, this sounds as if it should have been a documentary about repairing the Underground. Instead, it's a trashy tale in which only gambler Harold French can save wealthy heiress René Ray from the clutches of her villainous cousin, Francis L Sullivan. In Hiscott's defence, the action rattles along, but it's poor stuff.


A down-on-his-luck gambler in debt to a crooked casino owner falls for the adopted daughter of a fairground owner. Crime drama, starring Harold French and Francis L Sullivan.

Cast & Crew

Tommy Blythe Harold French
Rodney Haines Francis L Sullivan
Mary René Ray
Colonel Grahame A Bromley Davenport
Sam Alexander Field
Hilda Diana Beaumont
Lamberti Ben Field
Mme Lamberti Barbara Everest
Pollard Herbert Lomas
Director Leslie S Hiscott
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white