The Keeper

  • 15
  • Keoni Waxman (2009)
  • US
  • 90 min
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1 out of 5

Steven Seagal has never been the most expressive actor, but here he exceeds his previous efforts by delivering a performance so bland it barely registers. Not that he's helped by the lame storyline, in which he plays a medically retired cop who becomes the bodyguard of a rich old pal's adult daughter after she's nearly kidnapped. Unconvincing characters and a surprising lack of action add to the overall dullness, leaving it to the laughable dialogue to fitfully entertain. As for Seagal's trademark moves, they've been reduced to pathetic schoolyard-style slapping and a few mediocre knife-throws, which make the supposedly big fight-climax a particular letdown. Hilarious end scene though.

Plot Summary

Action thriller starring Steven Seagal as a cop who's double-crossed by his partner and then relieved from duty. But a new opportunity presents itself when an old friend hires him to protect his daughter.

Cast and crew


Roland Salinger
Steven Seagal
Nikita Wells
Liezl Carstens
Mason Silver
Arron Shiver


Keoni Waxman

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Certificate 15
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