Columbo: a Case of Immunity

Columbo: a Case of Immunity

Ted Post (1975)

U Certificate


A senior adviser to the king of a Middle Eastern nation plots to increase his own power by having the head of security at their American embassy killed and placing the blame on a group of dissidents. Columbo is assigned to crack the case, but the suspect's diplomatic immunity hinders the progress of the investigation. Detective drama, starring Peter Falk, Hector Elizondo and Sal Mineo.

Cast & Crew

Lt Columbo Peter Falk
Hassan Salah Hector Elizondo
Rachman Habib Sal Mineo
Youseff Alafa Andrew Lawrence
Capt August Bill Zuckert
The King Barry Robins
Morgan Dick Dinman
Hakim Nate Esformes
Director Ted Post
Writer Lou Shaw
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