Mr St Nick

  • PG
  • Craig Zisk (2002)
  • US
  • 90 min
Mr St Nick
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2 out of 5

Kelsey Grammer gives a lively performance as Santa's errant son, Nick, in this clich├ęd yet nicely acted fantasy. With Dad (a robust Charles Durning) reluctantly retiring, he's due to take over... but the man known as Miami's most eligible bachelor isn't ready for the responsibility. Soon Nick is beset with lightly humorous problems, as his playboy lifestyle starts turning sour and he also magically begins transforming into Father Christmas. Fortunately, he's got his feisty Venezuelan cook (Ana Ortiz) watching his back, leading to a rushed and chemistry-free romance that nonetheless guarantees the film at least has a neat and predictable ending. For a festive TV movie, it's fun enough, but some suggestive jokes and unnecessary swearing mean it's best enjoyed by older family audiences.

Plot Summary

Seasonal fantasy starring Kelsey Grammer. Santa and Mrs Claus are looking forward to retiring and taking things easy, but unfortunately the heir to the family business doesn't want the job and would sooner live like a playboy in Miami.

Cast and crew


Nick St Nicholas
Kelsey Grammer
Nicholas XXX (Santa Claus)
Charles Durning
Mrs Carlotta Claus
Katherine Helmond
Heidi Gardelle
Elaine Hendrix
Brian Bedford
Ana Ortiz
INS Agent Nardo
Colin Cunningham
Wallace Shawn


Craig Zisk

Other Information

Edited for language.
Available on DVD
Certificate PG