Sioux City

Sioux City

Lou Diamond Phillips (1994)

15 Certificate


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The debutant director was the influence behind this drama about race and heritage, when the handsome Lou Diamond Phillips decided - after starring in a number of movies - that he wanted to direct. In the event, he also stars as the Sioux, who has been adopted by an affluent Jewish couple and become a busy doctor in Beverly Hills. Receiving a message from the reservation at Sioux City, he discovers that his real mother has died mysteriously. His search for his identity parallels a crime story that lapses into melodrama. Phillips - from Celtic, Hispanic, Filipino, Hawaiian, Cherokee Indian origins - has made a work that is well intentioned rather than gripping.


An adopted native American who sets out to visit his birth mother but arrives to find that she has recently died, and resolves to investigate the mystery of her final days. Drama, directed by and starring Lou Diamond Phillips, with Salli Richardson, Melinda Dillon and Lise Cutter.

Cast & Crew

Jesse Rainfeather Goldman Lou Diamond Phillips
Chief Drew McDermott Ralph Waite
Leah Goldman Melinda Dillon
Jolene Buckley Salli Richardson
Blake Goldman Adam Roarke
Dan Larkin Bill Allen
Russell Baker Gary Farmer
Clifford Rainfeather Apesanahkwat
Dawn Rainfeather Tantoo Cardinal
Director Lou Diamond Phillips
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD