Passport to Pimlico

Passport to Pimlico

Henry Cornelius (1949)

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The cosiest of the Ealing comedies, this is essentially a one-joke affair that is spun out with masterly skill by that most gifted teller of shaggy-dog stories, TEB Clarke, who received an Oscar nomination for his story and screenplay. Once local historian Margaret Rutherford discovers that the Pimlico area of London belongs to the Duchy of Burgundy, the scene could have been set for a sniping satire on the state of postwar England. Clarke and director Henry Cornelius's decision to cock only the gentlest of snooks at such bugbears as rationing and the breakdown of wartime camaraderie is slightly disappointing, but the majority of the situations are ingenious, and the cast is top quality.


The residents of a London suburb discover documents proving their neighbourhood is not part of Britain, and declare independence. Appointing their own head of state, they begin erecting borders as the government resorts to desperate measures to bring the community back under British rule. Ealing comedy, starring Stanley Holloway and Margaret Rutherford.

Cast & Crew

Arthur Pemberton Stanley Holloway
Professor Hatton-Jones Margaret Rutherford
Gregg Basil Radford
Straker Naunton Wayne
Edie Randall Hermione Baddeley
Frank Huggins John Slater
Connie Pemberton Betty Warren
Shirley Pemberton Barbara Murray
Duke of Burgundy Paul Dupuis
Molly Jane Hylton
Mr Wix Raymond Huntley
Director Henry Cornelius
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Optimum ReleasingAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 9 Aug 2002