Harold Daniels (1951)

A Certificate


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Playing against type, square-jawed Charles McGraw gives a surprisingly layered performance in this claustrophobic film noir. With Nicholas Musuraca's camerawork making Los Angeles and its environs look like a series of forbidding dead ends, director Harold Daniels is able to give the impression of a world closing in on McGraw's hard-working insurance investigator, who becomes involved in a million-dollar mail robbery in order to finance the expensive tastes of his new wife (Joan Dixon). The shoot-out in a dried-up river bed is arresting, but it's the dank cityscapes that give the film both its atmosphere and its sense of middle-class malaise.


An honest insurance detective is led astray by a sultry temptress who convinces him to use his inside information to mastermind a daring heist which will finance their extravagant relationship. Charles McGraw gives a grand performance in this evocative melodrama, alongside Joan Dixon and Lowell Gilmore.

Cast & Crew

Joe Peters Charles McGraw
Diane Joan Dixon
Kendall Webb Lowell Gilmore
Harry Miller Louis Jean Heydt
Egan Milburn Stone
Thompson Joseph Crehan
Brissard Joe Forte
Director Harold Daniels
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd