The Best of Benny Hill

The Best of Benny Hill

John Robins (1974)

A Certificate


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No matter where you stand on the content of Benny Hill's bawdy comedy, there's no escaping the fact that he was one of British television's biggest ever stars. Featuring such familiar characters as Fred Scuttle, this compilation comes from sketches that originally appeared in his Thames series between 1969 and 1972. Regulars such as Bob Todd, Jenny Lee Wright and Henry McGee do their usual selfless stooging, and there's the inevitable "Hill's Angels" chase to Boots Randolph's immortal Yakety Sax theme. The show was axed in 1989, although it remained popular in America, where the great Greta Garbo was reportedly a huge fan.


Compilation of the comedian's sketches from episodes of his television series between 1969 and 1972. Featuring appearances by Nicholas Parsons, Jenny Lee Wright, Rita Webb, Patricia Hayes, Bob Todd, Henry McGee and Connie Georges.

Cast & Crew

Benny Hill / Fred Scuttle / Mervyn Cruddy Benny Hill
TBC Bob Todd
TBC Anne Irving
TBC Bettine Le Beau
TBC Dave Prowse
TBC Henry McGee
TBC Nicholas Parsons
TBC Patricia Hayes
Director John Robins
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