• PG
  • Mark Robson (1946)
  • US
  • 79 min
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3 out of 5

Was there ever a star who played sadistic men with as much relish as Boris Karloff? He's given ample room to snarl here as an asylum boss in 18th-century London who interns an innocent woman to stop her from exposing his harsh rule. Intelligently written and acted, with its production design modelled on William Hogarth's engravings, this atmospheric chiller from the Val Lewton stable is let down by Mark Robson's rather pedestrian direction. Despite the agreeable attention paid to historical detail, its talky approach will no doubt turn off fans raised on a diet of slasher fiends like Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees.

Plot Summary

Horror starring Boris Karloff and Anna Lee. When the actress friend of a prominent politician threatens to expose the appalling conditions at the notorious 18th-century asylum of St Mary's of Bethlehem - better known as "Bedlam" - the institution's sinister supervisor goes to extreme measures to maintain his control.

Cast and crew


Master Sims
Boris Karloff
Nell Bowen
Anna Lee
Lord Mortimer
Billy House
Oliver Todd
Jason Robards Sr
Richard Fraser
The gilded boy
Glenn Vernon
Sidney Long
Ian Wolfe
John Wilkes
Leyland Hodgson
Dorothea the Dove
Joan Newton
Queen of the Artichokes
Ellen Corby


Mark Robson

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Black and White
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