Sailor Beware!

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  • Gordon Parry (1956)
  • UK
  • 77 min
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2 out of 5

Based on a long-running stage success, this politically incorrect comedy established Peggy Mount in the booming shrew persona that was to make her such a hit in 1960s TV series such as George and the Dragon. Here she terrorises weak-kneed hubby Cyril Smith and prospective son-in-law Ronald Lewis on the eve of daughter Shirley Eaton's wedding. However, while she dominates the proceedings, she has every scene stolen from under her nose by the peerless Esma Cannon. There isn't a stand-up comic anywhere who couldn't reel off a dozen funnier mother-in-law gags, but this is, nevertheless, a fascinating reminder of what used to make us laugh.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Peggy Mount as an overbearing mother who is determined to have complete control over her daughter's wedding to a sailor.

Cast and crew


Emma Hornett
Peggy Mount
Henry Hornett
Cyril Smith
Shirley Hornett
Shirley Eaton
Albert Tufnell
Ronald Lewis
Edie Hornett
Esma Cannon
Joy Webster
Carnoustie Bligh
Gordon Jackson
Mrs Lack
Thora Hird
Reverend Purefoy
Geoffrey Keen
Jack MacGowran
Michael Caine


Gordon Parry

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Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
Romulus Films Ltd
Available on DVD
Certificate U