Bulldog Drummond

Bulldog Drummond

F Richard Jones (1929)

U Certificate


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Suave Ronald Colman's first talkie revealed to movie-goers those dulcet tones and perfect enunciation that would become a model for all future screen matinée idols. As the ex-army adventure hero of a series of popular novels by HC "Sapper" McNeile, Colman is splendidly cast, and provides a Drummond that others found impossible to better, while Claud Allister is the definitive Algy, Drummond's constant companion. This is an exceptionally well-mounted early talkie with much of value, though its creakiness often makes it difficult to view.


Urbane sleuth Bulldog Drummond and his man, Algy, help a woman who answers their ad in the London Time. Thriller, starring Ronald Colman and Joan Bennett.

Cast & Crew

Bulldog Drummond Ronald Colman
Phyllis Benton Joan Bennett
Erma Peterson Lilyan Tashman
Carl Peterson Montagu Love
Doctor Lakington Lawrence Grant
Danny Wilson Benge
Algy Longworth Claud Allister
Marcovitch Adolph Milar
John Travers Charles Sellon
Chong Tetsu Komai
Director F Richard Jones
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white