Fire Maidens from Outer Space

Fire Maidens from Outer Space

Cy Roth (1956)

U Certificate


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Just what the world needed - an even dafter British version of the infamous space exotica romp Cat Women of the Moon. Life is such a trial for the female lost civilisation of Atlantis, stranded on the 13th moon of Jupiter. They wear bathing suits with little skirts, lie around in flames all day for extra energy, perform dances to Borodin's music and fight a lumpy-faced creature in ill-fitting tights. Instant has-been Anthony Dexter is the astronaut determined to rescue the alien damsels from this terrible existence. Despite the extensive use of classical music, beating Stanley Kubrick's similar 2001 ploy by more than a decade, this is bottom-of-the-barrel lunatic nonsense that has to be seen to be believed.


A party of astronauts encounters a civilisation of women desperate for mates and threatened by a terrible monster. Sci-fi adventure, starring Anthony Dexter and Susan Shaw.

Cast & Crew

Luther Blair Anthony Dexter
Hestia Susan Shaw
Larson Paul Carpenter
Sydney Stanhope Harry Fowler
Duessa Jacqueline Curtiss
Dr Higgins Sydney Tafler
Prasus Owen Berry
Anderson Rodney Diak
Fire Maiden Maya Koumani
Fire Maiden Jan Holden
Fire Maiden Kim Parker
Director Cy Roth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Eros Films