Ken Hughes (1978)

PG Certificate


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They don't come any stranger than this too-late vehicle for the octogenarian (and virtually embalmed) Mae West, a musical which exists in its own inspired limboland, where sheer salaciousness and dated vulgarity ineptly combine to render the film mesmerisingly, appallingly, watchable. Interspersed with what attempts to pass for a plot, the movie is padded with some bizarre London locations. The cast is truly astonishing: you'll shudder for their collective embarrassment if you last to the end. Ken Hughes's direction makes tack-meister Ed Wood look like Orson Welles, but at least he knows it. Unsurprisingly, this privately financed farrago failed to secure a UK cinema release.


Mae West comes out of retirement at 86 to play a much-married Hollywood sex symbol whose honeymoon is interrupted by her ex-husbands - one of whom is a Russian delegate who creates a diplomatic incident in a bid to make her come back to him. Meanwhile, her manager attempts to destroy records of her various affairs and scandals. The star-studded supporting cast includes Tony Curtis, Ringo Starr, Timothy Dalton and Alice Cooper.

Cast & Crew

Marlo Manners Mae West
Sir Michael Barrington Timothy Dalton
Dan Turner Dom DeLuise
Alexei Karansky Tony Curtis
Laslo Karolny Ringo Starr
Vance George Hamilton
Waiter Alice Cooper
Rona Barrett Rona Barrett
Dress designer Keith Moon
George Raft George Raft
Director Ken Hughes
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video