Bulldog Jack

Bulldog Jack

Walter Forde (1934)

U Certificate


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British comedies have rarely travelled well across the Atlantic, but none has been so mistreated as this Gaumont spoof on the Bulldog Drummond myth, which was shown in the States as a straight thriller with all the gags removed! In his only screen teaming with his brother Claude, Jack Hulbert is all jutting chin and silly expressions as he pursues villainous Ralph Richardson and rescues 1930s scream queen Fay Wray. Produced by Michael Balcon and co-scripted by Sidney Gilliat, the film also has a sly dig at Alfred Hitchcock's fondness for finales at a famous landmark.


A famous detective sets off on his latest adventure, only to end up seriously injured when his sabotaged car crashes. An imposter steps in and assumes the injured sleuth's identity, taking on a gang of crooks who have kidnapped a jeweller to help them steal a priceless necklace. Comic mystery spoofing the Bulldog Drummond stories, starring Jack Hulbert and Fay Wray.

Cast & Crew

Ann Manders Fay Wray
Jack Pennington Jack Hulbert
Algy Longworth Claude Hulbert
Morelle Ralph Richardson
Salvini Paul Graetz
Denny Gibb McLaughlin
Bulldog Drummond Atholl Fleming
Melvor Henry Longhurst
Duke Cyril Smith
Director Walter Forde
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Gaumont Ideal LtdAvailable on: video
Comedy Drama