Life's Little Struggles

Life's Little Struggles

Douglas Barr (2) (1999)

PG Certificate


Our Score
By casting real-life couple and popular soap stars Scott and Melissa Reeves in the lead of this true-life drama, director Douglas Barr sugar-coats the already saccharine tale of America's first surviving sextuplets. The story of Keith and Becki Dilley's five-year battle against infertility and their fraught adjustment to a drastic change in lifestyle are handled with sentimental sincerity, but with little show of domestic reality. If only there were more room for feuding mothers-in-law, Judith Ivey and Teri Garr.


Fact-based drama chronicling the case of America's first surviving sextuplets, following their parents' battle to conceive through hi-tech fertility treatments, and efforts to cope with the demanding task of caring for such a large family. Melissa and Scott Reeves star, with Teri Garr and Kate McNeil.

Cast & Crew

Becki Dilley Melissa Reeves
Keith Dilley Scott Reeves
Lee Dilley Teri Garr
Doris Stauffer Judith Ivey
Dr Lynda Smirz Kate McNeil
David McLaughlin Nigel Bennett
Director Douglas Barr (2)
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Language: EnglishColour