Death to Smoochy

  • 15
  • Danny DeVito (2002)
  • US / UK
  • 105 min
Death to Smoochy
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2 out of 5

An odd mix of comedy and drama that could have worked if the writer and director had picked one or the other. Robin Williams, showing he's far more watchable as a sleazy villain than some touchy-feely Patch Adams type, is a children's entertainer on TV who finds himself sacked after it's discovered he's been taking backhanders. In his place, a young, idealistic man (Edward Norton) is hired, who dresses up as a Barney-like character named Smoochy and sings to kids about all the good things in the world. Understandably, Williams believes Smoochy must die, so he can get his old job back. The darkly comic elements - as Williams tries more and more despicable ways of dispatching Smoochy - work brilliantly, but someone obviously got nervous about such a dark look at children's TV and decided to make it as cute and fluffy as Smoochy by the end.

Plot Summary

Black comedy drama starring Robin Williams and Edward Norton. After kids TV presenter Rainbow Randolph is sacked and replaced by Smoochy the Rhino, he becomes obsessed with bringing about his rival's downfall.

Cast and crew


Rainbow Randolph
Robin Williams
Sheldon Mopes / Smoochy the Rhino
Edward Norton
Nora Wells
Catherine Keener
Burke Bennett
Danny DeVito
Marion Frank Stokes
Jon Stewart
Merv Green
Harvey Fierstein
Spinner Dunn
Michael Rispoli
Tommy Cotter
Pam Ferris
Buggy Ding Dong
Vincent Schiavelli
Network chairman
Robert Prosky


Danny DeVito

Other Information

Contains swearing.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate 15
Video Collection International