• 18
  • Gyorgy Palfi (2006)
  • Hun / Austria / Fr (SUB)
  • 90 min
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3 out of 5

The grotesqueries of the flesh are celebrated in all their stomach-churning glory in this outrageous black comedy horror. An explicit tale of three generations of men, each with their own bodily obsession, it's a sensory assault that's definitely not for the squeamish. Hungarian director/co-writer Gyorgy Palfi seems to revel in pressing viewers' shock buttons, as he introduces us briefly to a sexually frustrated military orderly (Csaba Czene) during the Second World War, before focusing on his son (Gergo Trocsanyi), an obese speed-eating champion. Thanks to his vomit-inducing talents, he becomes a 1960s Soviet Bloc hero, and ends up finding romance with another corpulent contestant. He subsequently fathers a skinny taxidermist (Marc Bischoff), who's the protagonist of the third part of the film that's set in the present day. At times the baroque visuals and surreal scenarios play like a warped version of Monty Python, skilfully diverting attention from the uneven plot. But it's in the Grand Guignol excesses that Palfi really excels, though his imaginative vision remains a seriously acquired taste.

Plot Summary

Black comedy horror drama. A sexually frustrated hospital orderly fathers a child who grows up to be one of the Soviet Bloc's most accomplished speed-eating champions. He attracts the romantic attention of another, equally corpulent contestant and the pair have a child. However, their offspring grows up to be the opposite of his parents - a skinny, morose taxidermist.

Cast and crew


Vendel Morosgovanyi
Csaba Czene
Kalman Balatony
Gergo Trocsanyi
Lajoska Balatony
Marc Bischoff
Gizella "Gizi" Aczel
Adel Stanczel
Istvan Gyuricza
Lieutenant's wife
Piroska Molnar
Older Kalman
Gabor Mate
Dr Andor Regoczy
Geza D Hegedus
Uncle Jeno
Istvan Hunyadkurti
Bela Miszlenyi
Zoltan Koppany


Gyorgy Palfi

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Hungarian +subtitles
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Contains graphic violence, swearing, sex scenes and nudity.
Available on DVD
Released 13 Jul 2007
Certificate 18
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