The Long Duel

The Long Duel

Ken Annakin (1967)

U Certificate


Our Score
It's big, it's British and it's trying very hard to be spectacular. A bold bid from Rank to crack the international market, this straight-faced Carry On Up the Khyber was directed by Ken Annakin, an experienced hand at location shooting. He makes the 1920s Indian setting look authentic and keeps the conflict bubbling, but Yul Brynner's rebel tribal leader is prone to ranting and speechifying, police officer Trevor Howard conveys the feeling that he'd rather be in Tunbridge Wells, and the true-life story of obsessed antagonism rings false thanks to stilted dialogue and clichéd situations. Still, no movie with 1960s beauties Charlotte Rampling, Imogen Hassall and Virginia North is unwatchable, and keep an eye out for a young Edward Fox.


An idealistic English policeman is commissioned to find and capture a rebel leader whose actions threaten to destabilise the British Raj in 1920s India. However, the officer soon develops a grudging respect for his quarry's intelligence and courage - and is determined to bring the wily insurgent back alive. Period adventure, starring Trevor Howard, Yul Brynner, Charlotte Rampling, Harry Andrews and Virginia North.

Cast & Crew

Sultan Yul Brynner
Freddy Young Trevor Howard
Stafford Harry Andrews
Gungaram Andrew Keir
Jane Stafford Charlotte Rampling
Champa Virginia North
McDougal Laurence Naismith
Governor Maurice Denham
Tara Imogen Hassall
Jamadar Paul Hardwick
Munnu Antonio Ruiz
Gyan Singh David Sumner
Pahelwan Rafiq Anwar
Ram Chand George Pastell
Hardwicke Edward Fox
Director Ken Annakin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists Ltd