Santa with Muscles

Santa with Muscles

John Murlowski (1996)

PG Certificate


Our Score
The main gag here is that arrogant health-food millionaire Hulk Hogan loses his memory and adopts the role of Santa to protect a local church orphanage. We're supposed to laugh as he submits himself to various indignities along the way in the name of doing good. The problem with this joke is that a guy named "Hulk" doesn't have any dignity to begin with. Ed Begley Jr paints his role with broad strokes (think side-of-a-barn broad) as the token villain, Frost, who wants the orphanage property, and especially the secret hidden beneath it. Juvenile, but not very funny.


A head injury leaves a cold-hearted millionaire with amnesia. He quickly becomes convinced he is really Santa Claus and sets out to save an orphanage from closure. Christmas comedy, starring Hulk Hogan and Don Stark.

Cast & Crew

Blake Thorne Hulk Hogan
Ebner Frost Ed Begley Jr
Lenny Don Stark
Leslie Robin Curtis
Clayton Garrett Morris
Hinkley Clint Howard
Dr Blight Kevin West
Director John Murlowski
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour