The Man from the Alamo

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  • Budd Boetticher (1953)
  • US
  • 76 min
The Man from the Alamo
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3 out of 5

Glenn Ford is branded a coward after surviving the massacre at the Alamo, but proves himself a hero fighting Victor Jory's band of rampaging renegades. This vigorous western has a rather perfunctory script, but director Budd Boetticher and cameraman Russell Metty stage the action scenes with some real imagination, while Julie Adams is a forceful leading lady. Both Ford and Boetticher made much better westerns later on in their careers, though this was the only one they made together.

Plot Summary

Western starring Glenn Ford. During the fierce battle at the Alamo, John Stroud is chosen to leave and carry messages to families of the defenders. But the casualties are so great that no one is left to corroborate his story and he is branded a coward.

Cast and crew


John Stroud
Glenn Ford
Beth Anders
Julie Adams
John Gage
Chill Wills
Jess Wade
Victor Jory
Lieutenant Lamar
Hugh O'Brian
Kate Lamar
Jeanne Cooper
Marc Cavell
John Day
Ma Anders
Myra Marsh


Budd Boetticher

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General Film Dist Ltd
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Certificate U