The Planter's Wife

The Planter's Wife

Ken Annakin (1952)

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She's Claudette Colbert, towards the end of her career, in the middle of a then-topical tale about the "troubles" in Malaya, drifting apart from hubby Jack Hawkins into the arms of Anthony Steel until the rebels attack their plantation and the threat to their lives reunites husband and wife. Called Outpost in Malaya in America, this joined other British movies like Simba and Windom's Way in an attempt to address the political unrest in the Commonwealth. Interestingly, this picture, intended as a tribute to the courage of the rubber planters and their families, inadvertently ends up as a damning indictment of imperialism. Colbert seems uncomfortable, both in the location work and the ill-matched studio interiors, but, though uneven, the film is fascinating to watch as a period piece, and is competently directed by Ken Annakin. Annakin would go on to specialise in shooting on exotic locations, having notable success with later films The Seekers in New Zealand and Nor the Moon by Night in Kenya.

Cast & Crew

Liz Frazer Claudette Colbert
Jim Frazer Jack Hawkins
Inspector Hugh Dobson Anthony Steel
Nair Ram Gopal
Mat Jeremy Spenser
Jack Bushell Tom Macauley
Eleanor Bushell Helen Goss
Director Ken Annakin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist Ltd