Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses

  • David S Cass Sr
Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses

Plot Summary

Retired criminologist Dr Jonathan Maxwell teams up with private detective Mike Bryant to investigate the theft of a champion racehorse. However, the case takes a more sinister turn when a member of the family that owns the animal dies in suspicious circumstances. Mystery, starring real-life father and son Dick and Barry Van Dyke, with Ray Abruzzo and Brad Beyer.

Cast and crew


Dr Jonathan Maxwell
Dick Van Dyke
Mike Bryant
Barry Van Dyke
Bernard Alger
Ray Abruzzo
Jake Brawley
Brad Beyer
Jacob Brawley
Ralph Waite
Joanne Matteson
Erica Gimpel
Rene De Leone
Tomas Arana
Tiffany Brawley
Marina Black


David S Cass Sr