The Land Girls

The Land Girls

David Leland (1997)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Life on the home front is given a distinctly rosy glow in this naffly nostalgic adaptation of Angela Huth's novel. Anna Friel's randy northerner, Rachel Weisz's sheltered blue-stocking and Catherine McCormack's bourgeois prude are surely the most stereotypical volunteers in the history of the Women's Land Army. Consequently, from the moment these urban interlopers arrive at Tom Georgeson's Dorset farm, there isn't a single scene that ends unexpectedly. The performances are earnest and the scenery is beautiful, but as the clichés clunk into place with deadening predictability, there's no sense of either dramatic or social conflict, let alone insight into the Land Girls' contribution to the war effort.


Three Land Army agricultural volunteers from very different social backgrounds are sent to work on a Dorset farm. Despite their differences, the three women become close friends, and one falls in love with the farmer's son. Wartime drama, with Catherine McCormack, Anna Friel, Rachel Weisz, Tom Georgeson and Steven Mackintosh.

Cast & Crew

Stella Catherine McCormack
Ag Rachel Weisz
Prue Anna Friel
Joe Lawrence Steven Mackintosh
Mr Lawrence Tom Georgeson
Mrs Lawrence Maureen O'Brien
Janet Lucy Akhurst
Ratty Gerald Down
Philip Paul Bettany
Barry Nick Mollo
Director David Leland
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Film Four DistributorsGuidance: Violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD