My Brother Jonathan

My Brother Jonathan

Harold French (1947)

A Certificate


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Time has not been kind to the films featuring husband and wife Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray. Yet Denison's clipped tones and stiff acting style and Gray's mousey loyalty turned this into a respectable hit 50 years ago. Based on the bestseller by Francis Brett Young, it follows the fortunes of Black Country doctor Denison, whose ambitions to become a surgeon are thwarted by family ties. Harold French directs steadily, but without the feel for small-town life that dozens of Hollywood journeymen could have rustled up. Polished but emotionally sterile.


A small-town doctor who never fulfilled his dream of becoming a great surgeon looks back on his life. Drama, starring Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Dakers Michael Denison
Rachel Hammond Dulcie Gray
Doctor Craig Stephen Murray
Harold Dakers Ronald Howard
Mrs Dakers Mary Clare
Doctor Hammond Finlay Currie
Edie Martyn Beatrice Campbell
Sir Joseph Higgins Arthur Young (1)
Eugene Dakers James Robertson-Justice
Tom Morse James Hayter
Connie Jessica Spencer
Director Harold French
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD