They Rode West

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  • Phil Karlson (1954)
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  • 84 min
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3 out of 5

In this exciting western, medical officer Robert Francis uses his skill to help the Kiowa tribe, to the disgust of the soldiers at his fort. Francis is reunited with his co-star in The Caine Mutiny, May Wynn, and Donna Reed is second-billed as the niece of the fort commander, a year after she received her best supporting actress Oscar for From Here to Eternity. The story about medical ethics is directed with skill by cult favourite Phil Karlson. The blond, blue-eyed Francis, a contemporary of James Dean and Korean War buddy of film historian Laurence J Quirk, was tragically killed in a plane crash at the age of 25 soon after this film was released.

Plot Summary

Western starring Robert Francis and Donna Reed. The new medical officer at a remote fort comes in for criticism when he gives treatment to the local native American tribe.

Cast and crew


Doctor Allen Seward
Robert Francis
Laurie MacKaye
Donna Reed
May Wynn
Captain Peter Blake
Philip Carey
Colonel Ethan Waters
Onslow Stevens
Mrs Walters
Peggy Converse
Sergeant Creever
Roy Roberts
Lieutenant Raymond
Jack Kelly
Stuart Randall
Red Leaf
Eugene Iglesias


Phil Karlson

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Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd