Blake Edwards (1982)

AA Certificate


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Julie Andrews as a bloke? Although this decision earns it an honourable mention in the hall of fame for monumental pieces of miscasting, this typically crude Blake Edwards comedy remains quite a hoot. Andrews plays a struggling singer who leaps to fame and fortune in 1930s Paris when she decides to impersonate a man impersonating a woman. James Garner is the very heterosexual American troubled by his attraction to him/her. There are a few songs to keep Andrews more traditional fans happy, plus an outrageously camp turn from Robert Preston and some fine supporting performances from Lesley Ann Warren, John Rhys-Davies and, in particular, Alex Karras.


English singer Victoria struggles to make ends meet in 1930s Paris. She finds a friend in a veteran performer, who comes up with an elaborate plan to start a new career - she pretends to be a man, then establishes a new act as a female impersonator. The fake drag artist is soon the toast of the town, and catches the eye of a sexually confused gangster. Comedy, with Julie Andrews and James Garner.

Cast & Crew

Victor / Victoria Julie Andrews
King Marchan James Garner
Carroll "Toddy" Todd Robert Preston
Norma Lesley Ann Warren
Squash Alex Karras
André Cassell John Rhys-Davies
Waiter Graham Stark
M Labisse Peter Arne
Detective Sherloque Tanney
Hotel manager Michael Robbins
Sal Andratti Norman Chancer
Restaurant manager David Gant
Madame president Maria Charles
Richard Malcolm Jamieson
Juke John Cassady
Director Blake Edwards
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some swearing.Available on: video and DVD
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