• 15
  • Joe Chappelle (1998)
  • US
  • 92 min
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2 out of 5

This is a curiously clunky mix of sci-fi and horror from Miramax offshoot Dimension Films, a company that revitalised the teen horror market with movies such as Scream and The Faculty. Rose McGowan (Charmed) and Joanna Going play sisters who return to their isolated home town and discover that virtually everyone has vanished. Ben Affleck plays the puzzled local cop and Peter O'Toole hams it up as a dotty scientist who holds the key to the mystery. However, despite the presence of Scream alumni McGowan and Liev Schreiber and a script from horror maestro Dean R Koontz (adapting his own novel), this fails in the fright department, with too much talk and not enough gore.

Plot Summary

Horror adapted from the book by Dean Koontz, starring Peter O'Toole, Joanna Going, Rose McGowan and Ben Affleck. When two sisters arrive at a Colorado ski resort, they find the town deserted except for some horribly mutilated corpses. A message scrawled on a mirror leads them to an eccentric British professor who could hold the key to the force behind their gruesome discovery.

Cast and crew


Timothy Flyte
Peter O'Toole
Dr Jennifer Pailey
Joanna Going
Lisa Pailey
Rose McGowan
Sheriff Bryce Hammond
Ben Affleck
Deputy Stu Wargle
Liev Schreiber
General Leland Copperfield
Clifton Powell
Deputy Steve Shanning
Nicky Katt
Soldier Velazquez
Michael DeLorenzo
Scientist Lockland
Rick Otto
Scientist Talbot
John Hammil
Agent Hawthorne
Bo Hopkins
Agent Wilson
Robert Knepper


Joe Chappelle

Other Information

Contains violence and swearing.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate 15