Columbo: the Most Crucial Game

  • Jeremy Kagan
  • 90 min
Columbo: the Most Crucial Game
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Plot Summary

The owner of an American football team is found dead in a swimming pool, and his drowning is regarded as an accident. The down-at-heel detective is convinced that foul play was involved and sets out to prove his case - but his chief suspect has a cast-iron alibi that places him miles away from the scene of the crime. Detective drama, starring Peter Falk and Robert Culp.

Cast and crew


Lt Columbo
Peter Falk
Paul Hanlon
Robert Culp
Eric Wagner
Dean Stockwell
Eve Babcock
Valerie Harper
Walter Cunnell
Dean Jagger
Coach Rizzo
James Gregory
Shirley Wagner
Susan Howard
Ralph Dobbs
Val Avery


Jeremy Kagan