Storm over the Nile

  • U
  • Zoltan Korda, Terence Young (1955)
  • UK
  • 102 min
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2 out of 5

Zoltan Korda makes little effort to disguise the fact that this is a remake of his 1939 classic The Four Feathers. The script is the same RC Sherriff, Lajos BirĂ³ and Arthur Wimperis adaptation of AEW Mason's classic adventure novel, while some of the original location footage is also included, distorted to fit the new picture's CinemaScope format. Co-director Terence Young helps bring a touch of pizzazz to the action sequences, yet the story, about an officer who's branded a coward but who subsequently proves to have more pluck than his pals, has dated badly, and the cast seems very aware of the fact.

Plot Summary

Adventure starring Laurence Harvey and Anthony Steel. When an officer resigns just before his unit is due to leave for the Sudan he is branded a coward by his colleagues. So he decides to set out to prove his bravery.

Cast and crew


John Durrance
Laurence Harvey
Harry Faversham
Anthony Steel
General Burroughs
James Robertson-Justice
Dr Sutton
Geoffrey Keen
Peter Burroughs
Ronald Lewis
Tom Willoughby
Ian Carmichael
General Faversham
Michael Hordern
Jack Lambert
Mary Burroughs
Mary Ure
Karaga Pasha
Christopher Lee
Sam Kydd


Zoltan Korda
Terence Young

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