On Dangerous Ground

  • Nicholas Ray (1951)
  • US
  • 82 min
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2 out of 5

Like many a major director, Nicholas Ray often did minor work, but even his lesser movies are of interest. This RKO crime drama has a terrific beginning, with tough cop Robert Ryan leading a manhunt and displaying a totally unsympathetic, even sadistic, temperament. Then he falls for blind Ida Lupino, his world is turned upside down and the movie loses its edge. Nevertheless, the mood is well maintained, boosted by a remarkable score from Psycho composer Bernard Herrmann. Overall, it's not nearly grim enough for its subject matter.

Plot Summary

Crime drama starring Robert Ryan and Ida Lupino. Jim Wilson, a lonely, obsessive police detective, achieves results only by the savage handling of suspects. Sent to investigate a small-town murder, he encounters Mary, a blind woman. This meeting begins to change Jim's life.

Cast and crew


Jim Wilson
Robert Ryan
Mary Malden
Ida Lupino
Walter Brent
Ward Bond
Bill Daly
Charles Kemper
Pete Santos
Anthony Ross
Captain Brawley
Ed Begley
Ian Wolfe
Danny Malden
Sumner Williams
Gus Schilling


Nicholas Ray

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