Lucky McKee (2002)

18 Certificate


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American writer/director Lucky McKee marked himself out as a talent to watch with his twisted but tragic solo debut about extreme social alienation. A modern, gothic fairy tale that borrows skilfully from across the horror genre, it has the left-field air of an early Gregg Araki film as Angela Bettis's titular outcast starts to make friends for the first time, only for her strange behaviour to have grisly repercussions. Bettis gives a moving turn, full of bird-like fragility, that beautifully captures her character's tortured personality and discomfort in her own skin. Complimented by McKee's tender, subtle approach and great visual eye, she evokes constant sympathy, even when May's mind naturally cracks and the blood begins to flow. Crucial supporting roles from a Monroe-esque Anna Faris as an exuberant lesbian co-worker and Jeremy Sisto as May's mega-crush are similarly well performed, emphasising both the story's black humour and its sadness.


A woman resolves to find the perfect man, but when Mr Right fails to materialise, she ends up going to terrible lengths to ensure her own happiness. Sci-fi horror giving the classic Frankenstein tale a modern spin, starring Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Anna Faris and James Duval.

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Director Lucky McKee

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