Modern Times

Modern Times

Charles Chaplin (1936)

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Charles Chaplin's ridiculing of an increasingly mechanised and mechanical society is an inspired assembly line of gags, similar to A Nous la Liberté by the French director René Clair, who declared he had always been inspired by Chaplin so was honoured if "the master" had been inspired by him. As machines chew up our beloved hero and spit him out, Charlie finds compensation only in the love of Paulette Goddard and a sunset stroll into a happy-ever-after. Naive this may be, but what else could Chaplin do? He was in the business of redemption and this was the only way out he could find in increasingly darkening days.


A factory production line worker who gets on the wrong side of his Big Brother-style bosses once too often and is thrown into a mental institution - and on his release suffers all manner of mishaps and misunderstandings while trying to eke out a living on the streets. Satirical comedy written, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, with Paulette Goddard and Henry Bergman.

Cast & Crew

Factory worker Charles Chaplin
Gamine Paulette Goddard
Café owner Henry Bergman
Big Bill / Worker Tiny Sanford
Mechanic Chester Conklin
Burglar Hank Mann
Sheriff Couler Stanley Blystone
Company boss Allan Garcia
Foreman Sam Stein
Woman with buttoned bosom Juana Sutton
Worker Jack Low
Convict Richard Alexander
Prison chaplain Dr Cecil Reynolds
Chaplain's wife Mira McKinney
Prison governor Lloyd Ingraham
Workman Heinie Conklin
Burglar Louis Natheaux
Worker Walter James
Director Charles Chaplin
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