Dead End

Dead End

William Wyler (1937)

A Certificate


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This marvellously evocative, albeit resolutely studio-bound version of Sidney Kingsley's fine play is brilliantly directed by William Wyler from an adaptation by Lillian Hellman, but unfortunately "cleaned-up" by its producer Samuel Goldwyn, who couldn't believe that "dead end" meant exactly that. As a consequence, the streets and gutters of production designer Richard Day's magnificent set are a little too clean, a little too well lit. Nevertheless, this is a fine work with brilliant performances, particularly from Sylvia Sidney and then new face Humphrey Bogart. Though Joel McCrea is a shade too bland as the worthy hero, the youngsters in the movie went on to their own series success, initially as the Dead End Kids, and, eventually, as the Bowery Boys.


A hoodlum gets involved with a group of juvenile delinquents living in the slums of New York. Drama based on Sidney Kingsley's play, starring Humphrey Bogart, Sylvia Sidney and the Dead End Kids, who went on to star in their own series of films.

Cast & Crew

Drina Sylvia Sidney
Dave Joel McCrea
Baby Face Martin Humphrey Bogart
Kay Wendy Barrie
Francie Claire Trevor
Hunk Allen Jenkins
Mrs Martin Marjorie Main
Tommy Billy Halop
Dippy Huntz Hall
Angel Bobby Jordan
TB Gabriel Dell
Milty Bernard Punsley
Philip Griswold Charles Peck
Spit Leo Gorcey
Director William Wyler
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD