Quantrill's Raiders

Quantrill's Raiders

Edward Bernds (1958)

U Certificate


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This routine western programme filler is made interesting not by the presence of star Steve Cochran, but by character actor Leo Gordon who plays the legendary William Quantrill, a Confederate guerilla leader during the American Civil War. The thickset Gordon carved a sterling career in westerns, and also wrote several, including the interesting psychological outing Black Patch for actor George Montgomery. He specialised in playing psychopathic villains, and here, as Quantrill, his talents are given free rein. Just a pity that the film's historical accuracy leaves much to be desired.


A Confederate captain is sent on an undercover mission to arrange the destruction of a supply of weapons. However, his task is complicated when he falls in love with a Unionist woman, while the treacherous guerrilla leader assigned with seizing the arms is more interested in starting a massacre. Civil War Western, starring Steve Cochran and Leo Gordon.

Cast & Crew

Westcott Steve Cochran
Sue Diane Brewster
Quantrill Leo Gordon
Kate Gale Robbins
Judge Will Wright
Joel Kim Charney
Jarrett Myron Healey
Hager Robert Foulk
Director Edward Bernds
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Assoc. British Pathe Ltd