The Two Mr Kissels

  • Ed Bianchi (2008)
  • US
  • 86 min
The Two Mr Kissels
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2 out of 5

Secrets, lies and resentments destroy the affluent lives of two businessmen brothers in this undynamic true-crime melodrama. Rushed and episodic, the sketchy TV movie turns a fascinating rise-and-fall story into a dull time-waster, in which many juicy events are talked about but never shown. Ineffective performances compound the poor script and atmospherically uneven direction, with neither John Stamos nor Anson Mount bringing any depth to their two-dimensional, titular characters, whose greed and materialism resulted in tragedy. Consequently, it's left to Mount's money-grabbing screen wife (The Mentalist's Robin Tunney) to add interest and focus: her almost comic callousness providing the film's highlight, when she finally decides to brutally end her disintegrating marriage.

Plot Summary

Fact-based crime drama starring John Stamos and Robin Tunney. When two brothers who are also business rivals are murdered within a few years of each other, the investigation reveals that all was not well beneath their affluent lifestyles.

Cast and crew


Andrew Kissel
John Stamos
Nancy Kissel
Robin Tunney
Robert Kissel
Anson Mount
Hayley Wolff
Gretchen Egolf
Bill Kissel
Chuck Shamata
Michael Del Priore
Vincent Walsh
Juan Castillo
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
Jane Kissel
Olivia Palenstein


Ed Bianchi

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