One More Time

One More Time

Jerry Lewis (1970)

PG Certificate


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Salt & Pepper, a lacklustre British comedy vehicle for Sinatra clan cronies Sammy Davis Jr and Peter Lawford, rather surprisingly spawned this even weaker sequel, in which the buddies are again Soho club-owners involved in crime. This time Lawford plays identical twin brothers; the death of one leads to attempts on the life of the other in a Scottish castle. Interesting (for a while) is the way director Jerry Lewis, who doesn't appear, transfers his zany persona to Davis and interpolates typical Lewis set-ups and sentimentality. The film did nothing for anyone involved.


Nightclub owners Charlie and Christopher turn to the latter's aristocratic identical twin brother for help with their money worries, only for the lord to turn up murdered. The pair plan to solve the crime themselves, and Chris assumes his brother's identity to uncover the truth. Comedy sequel to Salt and Pepper, directed by Jerry Lewis and starring Sammy Davis Jr and Peter Lawford.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Salt Sammy Davis Jr
Chris Pepper / Lord Sydney Pepper Peter Lawford
Miss Tomkins Maggie Wright
Inspector Crook Leslie Sands
Figg John Wood (2)
Tombs Sydney Arnold
Gordon Edward Evans
Mander Percy Herbert
TBC Christopher Lee
TBC Peter Cushing
Director Jerry Lewis
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Language: EnglishColour